A good primary school environment is an effective tool in the battle against poverty. It can give

hope for the future and help bring normalcy to children's lives. It is also a valuable resource

for the whole community and a cornerstone for development.


AES work directly on the ground with rural community primary schools in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi

specifically seeking out the most needy situations. We do not single out individual children for

sponsorship but work with each community school so that every child benefits no matter where they

are from.


With more than 13 years experience working here with rural communities, we have learnt effective

ways of helping communities tackle some of the key problems faced by their primary schools.

This lack of proper education fuels the cycle of poverty and will follow very many of these children

into adulthood, leaving them powerless of findings ways to improve their situation.



Africa Equipment for Schools is a UK registered charity

and is a British Overseas NGO for Development

      Africa Equipment for Schools